Monday, 12 October 2009

Poetry Day - Word.

I guess a poetry post would be appropriate seeing as last week marked National Poetry Day, and posting something this late would be appropriately slack of me, as well. Although given that no-one actually reads this, I guess I could just write anything, at any time I liked.
Oh well, I understand the narrative at least.
Anyway, I got a copy of Thom Gunn's Man With The Night Sweats on Friday. I sat in The Star And Garter on my own for an hour and drank and read. For what it's worth, I was immediately and completely struck by the heartfelt, honest, unsentimental rendering of love and lust in all their many forms and stages that unfolded on each page. There are other themes as well, but I haven't read anything that was as romantic and hopeful as this without being unbearably cloying for a long time. Anyone care? Doubt it. But there we are...

I'm a little unsure about posting whole poems here, so I'll put a link up to a really great one,