Monday, 12 October 2009

The Alex Ferguson Apology School

I used to work for this woman. It was in a bar in my home town. A small, nondescript town the like of which you will find dozens of around London. This woman was incredibly stupid. I mean, one of the most stupid people I have ever met. She was nice enough, and I didn't not enjoy working for her, but she was really stupid.
Anyway, this woman was physically incapable of saying sorry. She just could not apologize, no matter what she had done wrong, or how she had made you feel. She would always have some kind of answer or justification ready. She had to have the last word. She probably thought saying sorry was some kind of acceptance of weakness, or admitting you were wrong once would undermine everything you did after that. Whatever, she couldn't do it.
Just a thought for you here, really. Gross stupidity and not being able to apologize. Just a thought.