Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The End of (the Outside) World...

A huge thank you to everybody that made Port Eliot such a great time. John Andrews and all the Arcadian crew, and also Jeff, Carl, Danny and all in the Caught By The River bar for creating what genuinely feels like a tiny haven from the world for a few days.

It is a truly jarring experience to come back to news of a startlingly shrinking economy, RVP's impending choice between Utd or City, South African cricketing celebrations and London bathed in sunshine.

Such a shame the festival is having a year off next year. But I'm not one to dwell in sentimental reverie.

As the man said, the past is a foreign country... and Lovejoy doesn't live there anymore.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Port Eliot Festival...

I'll be getting in the van down to Cornwall tomorrow morning for what is a genuine highlight of my year. I only wish the weather could see its way to acting just a little less "end of the world", and maybe a little more "end of the pier".

I'll be reading on the Saturday, at 12.30 on the Five Dials stage, and then at 2.30 in the Andrews Of Arcadia installation in the Caught By the River area. Which is down by the river, funnily enough.

See a few of you there, I hope.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Please Plant These Songs...

The Brautigan Book Club have put together this beautiful little collection of songs to play alongside their re-imagining of Brautigan's Please Plant This Book at the Dinefwr Festival recently.

All the songs on there are great, and the whole project is the work of some truly dedicated and brilliant people. It's an honour to be on there.