Friday, 29 July 2011

Instant Karma

... I have to say there's a definite sense of justice (or would karma be a more appropriate word?) to proceedings at Trent Bridge today. I've grown increasingly sick of the crowing, self congratulatory articles I'd read about our world beaters in the press since the Lords test, not to mention the assumption in just about every piece written this week that swinging conditions would surely render the Indians mere cannon fodder to Anderson and the now brilliant again Broad. No thought, of course, that the Indian bowlers might also utilize the swing available. Vic Marks in the Guardian today of course, the honourable exception. Let's see what the World's Bests Pace Attack™ can do. I think they'll get a bowl today...

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wilton's Music Hall

Here's the first clip from a film of me reading some poems.
These were shot by the excellent Rebecca Coley, as part of the London Comedy Film Festival's Transformations season.

SIDESHOW at WILTONS (Toothless Mouth) from rebecca coley on Vimeo.