Tuesday, 9 August 2011

All is Greed

It seems the rioters have damned themselves in the nation's eyes by having the nerve to target luxury goods and aspirational consumer objects in their lootings. The fact that this is just a mirror to the sort of greedy, grasping, materialist society that an irresponsibly managed free market, gluttonous financial and corporate institutions and a gross over exposure to advertising has created seems lost on most commentators.

The rioters should presumably all be nice, easy stereotypes for the media to swallow and regurgitate for our simple understanding. Some dreadlocks would be nice, people, and some placards spouting vague anti-globalization messages next time, please.

Of course robbery, thuggery and seemingly un-ideologically motivated violence couldn't possibly be representative of the kind of dull, aching, aimless anger that you see on the streets every day, could it? It's just common-or-garden criminality, right? I mean, these youngsters don't look like they could spell "insurrection"...