Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Not all that is wrong...

One of the things I hate most about the modern world in the west, with its technologies, TVs, computers, Iphones and the rest of that crap is that we never look each other in the eyes anymore. I'm sure there is a hugely important chunk of human nourishment that is missing from our lives since we stopped looking at each other - eating at a table together, drinking in pubs together or dancing together face to face. Now we sit on sofas, facing the fucking TV screen. I see the top of a head of hair. Fuck, it could be anybody there watching Poirot with me. Then at work we sit in rows, facing the same way. Long gone the days of interaction there, either.
I know there are all sorts of reasons why people feel so fucked and alienated and lost and miserable and able to meekly swallow the bullshit and worse that we are handed every day by the people entrusted with our welfare, but maybe this is just one little thing that we could change that might mean we start to remember what a human being actually is. We could start actually respecting that idea again, and not blithely accepting different human beings to ourselves being killed all over the world by and for our own Government.