Monday, 12 July 2010


Feeling fairly short changed by the Dutch last night. I was hoping they would show they could play the Spanish, not at exactly their own game, as their midfield just lacks the class of the Spaniards, but with a swift, slightly more direct, yet still attacking brand of football. Like I say. Short changed. I'm not buying this Spanish moral high ground stuff, though. They were acting up as well, waving cards at Howard Webb every time they were tackled by a Dutch player. They were as petulant and dirty as anyone else last night, and any team with Puyol in it had better have a good lawyer if they are going to hurl accusations of "Anti-Football" about.
My best moment of the night? Alan Hansen saying that it would have been a travesty if the Dutch had won, a victory for football etc etc... well, I'll remember that Alan, when you are smirking like the c*nt you are about some moronic clogger from Stoke or Bolton dishing it out to the Arsenal next year. What do you know about preserving the vestiges of some notion of footballing purity? You were a DEFENDER. And a Scottish one at that.