Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Harmison Still In With A Chance... Just Not With The Media

"Harmison, 31, has not played international cricket since England beat Australia at The Oval last August to regain the Ashes and set the tone for England's ignominious last tour of Australia by bowling the first ball of the series straight to second slip."

I just read this on the BBC Sport website, and I just cannot believe that people who are paid to have interesting opinions and insight into sport actually peddle this garbage. I mean, does anyone actually think that one ball "set the tone" for a whole test series?
I shudder to think what Steve Harmison must have done to some of the journalists in this country to make them feel like they do. He must be a bad, bad man. Maybe he didn't celebrate every wicket with the kind of chest beating ostentation of Fred, and maybe he doesn't have great hair gel like Stuart Broad. Maybe he doesn't go on Twitter and show everyone what a "funny" bloke he is like Graeme Swann. Graeme Swann, remember. That's a fucking cop's name if ever I heard one.
I've never had less warmth for an England team than I have for this one. They stink of Australia. Cops. Thatcher. Everything that is bad and soulless in the world.