Monday, 1 March 2010

Intents And Purposes

It was sickening to see Aaron Ramsey's leg injury while watching the game on Saturday.
I missed the tackle, but watched it back on Match Of The Day.
On one hand, It's hard to criticize Shawcross, and I felt hugely sorry for him when he left the pitch in tears, but equally I just cannot understand this prevailing logic that "...he obviously didn't deliberately break his leg..."
Well that goes without saying, doesn't it? Who would? That doesn't mean you don't know you are going to hurt someone with a challenge, or at the very least don't care if you do. You could only break someone's leg like that if you went in with absolutely no regard for the consequences, and that is what Wenger is saying. Shawcross was so late it was untrue. Especially for someone who is essentially paid to be able to tackle other players. And now about to receive international honours for doing so.
The point is, these are supposedly professionals and if it is the case, as they constantly harp on about, that they all have the utmost respect for each other "as professionals", then surely one would never make that kind of a tackle on a fellow professional. I hear people in pubs and on Sunday league pitches boasting about breaking people's legs and unfortunately there is that streak running right through the game in this country. Right up to the very top. Ask Roy Keane, or Alf Inge Haaland for that matter. While neither Shawcross' tackle or personality seem to be comparable to Keane's and his moronic act of cowardice, the fact is that not caring about the consequences of a reckless lunge is tantamount to the same thing. As the saying goes "To all intents and purposes."
Anyway, mostly I just hope the boy is alright, and returns in red and white like it never happened.